August 18, 2022

Empowering women in the fight against violent extremism

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Women are faced with tremendous barriers as they sought opportunities that would set them on an equal footing with men. Inequality between women and men has been widely apparent for a long time.

They now account for more than 40 percent of workers worldwide. The reason for increased workforce participation is improvements in female education and gender equality. Greater gender equality also enhances economic efficiency and improves other development outcomes hence as a result, less chances for individual being vulnerable to violent extremist groups for perceived financial support.

Education is not only a right but also an important need for children and youth and by empowering women through education, they gain better control over household resources. Through their own earnings, it enhances community growth prospects by changing spending habits to those that benefit their children.

Empowering women through education is emphasized in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs4) as having the potential to promote a culture of peace and non-violence. Education provides protection, stability, essential knowledge and life skills and is also key to building values for a positive future for children and youth.

Empowered women in turn empower their children in that, women channel out positive energy in children hence the development of the child’s personality, talents, drive, mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential. Building on the development of children’s potential and positive contribution of children and youth to their communities helps keep them away from violent extremists’ existing and possible influence.