Entrepreneurship and counter-terroism

Terrorists were once children with families and part of a society at some point. It is important to recognize the social and economic factors that push recruits to violent extremism. Entrepreneurship education should become the focal point in the upbringing of children. Most empirical studies show that entrepreneurship can be […]

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Why we need good practice on women and gender in CVE

“Women are frequently seen only as victims of violent extremism. But in reality, women play multiple roles, they are on the frontlines of prevention and response. They lead civil society organizations and bolster community resilience. Promoting women as agents of peace recognizes their contributions to peacebuilding and prevention of violence […]

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What makes the youth vulnerable to terrorism?

The youth are the most targeted group by radicalizers and terrorist recruiters. They take advantage of their vulnerabilities and weaknesses and use that as a means of selling to them their evil ideologies. This brings us to the question of what some of these vulnerabilities are that these recruits take […]

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Social media in the fight against terrorism

As technology evolves, so does everyone including the terror recruits and radicalizers. They use the internet to reach out to their target audience. They improve in their communications skills ensuring they can pass their messages to their different targets in the best way possible, including translating their messages to languages […]

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